php tricks

1. PHP Predefined Variables

PHP indeed has a huge number of predefined variables that it provides for a script. Here’s a list!

2. PHP Regular Expression

Here you will learn about the three sets of functions that PHP has, which allow you to work with regular expressions.

3. PHP Error Handling

W3Schools brings you a tutorial on error handling using PHP.

4. PHP Bugs Debugging

This web page explains the reasons for some of the most common bugs that come up in PHP programming.

5. PHP Date & Time

This web page is about the powerful date arithmetic tools that PHP provides.

6. PHP and MySQL

This is a list of MySQL functions for PHP from the official documentation of PHP.

7. PHP and AJAX

This web page will show you how a web page can interact with a server, while the user is typing in a query.

8. PHP and XML

This is the official documentation from the PHP website on XML Parser.

9. PHP Object Oriented

Object oriented programming concepts are important for any programmer. Here is a web page that will help you with them for working with PHP.

10. PHP for C Developers

PHP is very similar to C, but with untyped variables and a lot more web-based programming functions.

11. PHP for PERL Developers

In this you will find some of the biggest similarities as well as differences between PHP and Perl.

12. PHP, AJAX and MySQL together

This example demonstrates how a web page can get information from a database using AJAX.


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