linux lectures and notes

1. Linux Lectures

This is a compilation of eight lectures on Linux on topics ranging from basic of UNIX, its history etc. to shell scripts and other advanced topics.

2. Linux Programming Lecture Notes

Here you will find lecture notes that will help you with programming on the Linux platform.

3. Linux Lectures, Notes and Materials

This website contains 14 lectures on Linux, along with other study material and lecture notes that can be quite useful for you.

4. COMP 225 – Winter 2002, Lecture Notes

This website contains 12 lecture notes from a course in Linux. You can use it for some quick information on the platform.

5. Introduction to Linux

This lecture on Linux teaches students the basic concepts that they need to know before they begin working on Linux-based systems.

6. Linux Basics CBT Lectures

Here you will find 36 lectures on Linux in video format.

7. Linux 101

Here are 14 video lectures from the Computer Science Foundation Program at the University of Colorado.


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