8 Reasons Why Ubuntu Users Should Opt For Linux Mint

Ubuntu, Ubuntu OS, Ubuntu for devices, Linux Mint, Ubuntu vs Linux mint, tablets, smartphones, televisions, FOSS community, Ubuntu users, Linux,  Ubuntu FOSS world, top 8, linux mint Ubuntu is rapidly penetrating all the hearts worldwide as it can now be seen on tablets, smartphones, and even on televisions. In fact, Ubuntu community is making great efforts to present it as the best product in the FOSS community. 

While Ubuntu was discouraged as something that is “not so user-friendly’ in various forum wars, IRC battles, and several blog posts that discussed its usability–or rather—lack of it. However, with time Ubuntu matured quite a lot and managed to emerge as one of the most user-friendly distros in the FOSS world.

But, not just Ubuntu, numerous other distros such as Fedora and openSUSE are quite user-friendly. Listed below are some of the reasons why you should switch to or at least try Linux Mint once.

1) More Choices
Linux Mint provides two desktops: MATE and Cinnamon, which ensures that the users get as many choices as possible. Unlike Ubuntu that insists upon an entirely modern desktop to every user, Mint essentially gives you the choice of choosing either a modern desktop or a more conventional desktop.

2) The All-familiar Desktop
Linux Mint provides a default desktop interface that aims at offering smooth transition from other operating systems to Linux Mint. Not only its user interface is simple, prompt, and elegant, you are unlikely to face many difficulties after you switch to the default Mint desktop.

3) A Better Ubuntu
Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu and it offers all the Ubuntu decency in a pleasant, fresh, and user-friendly package. Ubuntu’s fame motivates many application developers as well. In case you decide to download an application such as Steam or Dropbox for your Ubuntu OS, it is simple to install it without facing any compatibility issues. 

4) Rich, Fresh Artwork
Majority of users admire Linux Mint’s artwork. Mint offers a fresh set of wallpapers and outstanding themes to make your desktop look amazing. Also, its desktop is not too flashy or overdone. It boasts of a simple yet attractive design.

5) Customizable
Linux Mint is more customizable as compared to Ubuntu. Not only you can download themes you can even create your own. Mint also allows you to change the position and the size of the panels.

6) GNOME 3 Done Right
Though Mint sticks to the conventional paradigms of the desktop, it is still supported by some of the recent features. The desktop is built of GNOME 3 which puts it at par with other recent desktops.

7) Not Mobile-Oriented
GNOME 3 and Ubuntu focus a lot on the desktop-mobile convergence. Even though both of these are gracefully designed, Ubuntu and GNOME 3 have managed to ward off several users who think that a desktop should resemble a desktop and nothing else. 

8) The Latest Applications
Linux Mint has all the latest applications already installed. Users can find Firefox, Thunderbird, and even the recent kernel in its release. In addition, you’ll also find that Mint can play MP3s and other limited formats which makes it a complete desktop operating system.

Source: Junauza.com 


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