IDE For Windows, MAC and Linux

Windows: Microsoft’s Windows operating system is the most popular OS in the market. Because of this, many developers prefer to create tools that can support this platform. This is also true for IDEs. There are various IDEs that are available for programmers working on the Windows OS. While what’s good and what’s not remains a matter of personal choice, here are five that you can check out.

1. Visual Web Developer

2. phpDesigner

3. PHPEdit

4. Visual Studio 2008

5. Expression Web

MAC: Apple’s MAC operating system is built on the Unix shell. Even though it is a proprietary OS, which comes at a pretty high price and works only on Apple computers, it has a decent following. It’s not known to be the most popular amongst programmers, but web designers, audio professionals etc. often prefer working on it. The following are two IDEs that work on Apple’s platform.

1. Coda

2. CSSEdit

Linux IDEs: Linux is by far the most popular platform amongst programmers around the world. It is free and open source, which makes it customisable. In addition, there are various tools that come specially suited to hacking and programming using Linux. Some of the IDEs that work on this platform at the most popular in the programming community. Here are some names.

1. BlueFish

2. Komodo IDE

3. NetBeans

4. Eclipse



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